Virtual - Child Neglect

Date & Time:

Tuesday 18 January 2022 (09:30 - 13:30)

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The phrase Neglect originates from the Latin word “Neglectus” which means; the failing in giving the proper or required care and attention to someone or something.

Neglect can be really difficult to spot despite it being the most common form of abuse for children in the UK and its effects potentially can be lifelong.  

Tackling Neglect can be difficult, so it is important we are able to recognise what it looks like and how it impacts on the children and families we work with, so we can put the right help in at the right time.

In response to this we aim to raise awareness, knowledge and skills in identifying and working with children and families to lessen the impact, and create more positive outcomes.

Learning Outcomes;

By the end of the session, delegates will have

  • Basic understanding of Neglect and the four models of Neglect
  • Understanding the concepts of purposeful Neglect or accidental Neglect
  • Knowledge of the impact of Neglect on a short and long-term basis
  • Awareness of Neglecting neglect and the barriers to practice
  • Key practice to ensure we are working to the best possible outcomes for children and families
  • Understanding of Disguised compliance and intergenerational Neglect and how to consider this in how we work with children and families
  • Considering Dudley’s practice around Neglect and what that means for their role

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Public Health Dudley/Sophie Gilbert

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This is a virtualised course that will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams platform.

You will need to download and install it and ensure it works ready for the training.