Virtual - West Midlands Fire Service - Fire Prevention in the Home and How you can help prevent residents of Dudley dying or getting injured in a house fire.

Date & Time:

Wednesday 8 December 2021 (10:00 - 11:30)

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What is it? 

This training will educate people on the signs, indicators and behaviours linked to a person’s vulnerability to fire. It will outline how West Midlands Fire Service can support people to keep them safe from fire, what equipment we can provide and how and when people can refer into us for a Safe and Well visit. West Midlands Fire Service has a wide range of support to help people of all ages, from children to the older people in our communities, stay safe in their own homes.  

Who is it for? 

This training is aimed at everyone working with or supporting Dudley residents of any age.

West Midlands Fire Service fire safety prevention work supports children and adults across the whole of the Dudley Borough.

What will you learn? 

The key learning is the identification of risks in the home that are more likely to result in a person having a fire.  

  • Identify those people at serious risk of fire 
  • Key risks in the home that might result in fire 
  • Key risks associated with people’s behaviours that might result in fire 
  • How a combination of risk factors increases a person’s vulnerability to fire 
  • How WMFS can support professionals to keep their service users safe from fire 
  • How health is linked to risk of and vulnerability to fire 
  • How WMFS can support members of the public to stay safe from fire 
  • What a Safe and Well visit is 
  • What our Complex Needs Officers can do  
  • What equipment WMFS can provide to mitigate risk 
  • What equipment our partners can provide to mitigate risk 
  • How hoarding increases someone’s risk of fire 
  • How to refer to WMFS for a Safe and Well visit 
  • How we support professionals and members of the public beyond a Safe and Well visit 
  • How we support children and young people at risk from fire 
  • Information about our educational facility, Safeside 
  • How to recognise your role in the prevention of fires 
  • Understand our Serious Incident Reviews and how they inform our ongoing work to keep people safe 
  • How our incident data informs the prevention work that we do 
  • Emerging themes from recent and past incidents 
  • Fire Safety in the Home E-learn 

By the end of the session, you will be able to identify potential risks of fire in someone’s property and know how and when to refer to WMFS for a Safe and Well visit. You will also know of the additional support we can provide to people of all ages – children through to adults – and how to access this support.


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This is a virtualised course that will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams platform.

You will need to download and install it and ensure it works ready for the training.